5 Tips to Enjoy Multiple Undergraduate Scholarship Funds in Nigeria

It can be really gratifying to get sponsored by enabled individuals or stakeholders without necessarily putting burden on any of the party involved. Yes! The government, some companies and a number of financially buoyant individual and communities yearly look for people to “dash free money”. Imagine how it will feel to get over 200k yearly to cover all your academic expense till you graduate or, even more juicy, to get such funds multiple times from different organizations every single year till you become a graduate. Obviously, you automatically lift the financial burden off your parent if you are from a low or middle-class family and if your parent can well afford your fees you can use your money for whatever you like (I think you shouldn’t apply for these scholarships if you are from a rich home so as to give room for the indigent student. But who doesn’t like money. Even the rich wants to get richer).

Not worrying about money as a student is what every student wish for. And yes, there are a number of students who are beneficiary of multiple undergraduate scholarships. No! it’s not as easy to get. In fact, it’s not always 100% guaranteed, to be honest with you, but there are some things to do which will increase your chances of getting them.

PS: this post is focused on only undergraduate scholarships in Nigeria and not INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS. (I might look into that in the subsequent posts, stay connected)

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5 tips that will increase your chances of getting undergraduate scholarships in Nigeria.

1. You should have excellent secondary school leaving results

If you are coming across this article and, luckily for you, you have not written your o-level or UTME, I am imploring you to pursue the best grades, don’t settle for less. There is this popular notion among young school leavers that all they need is an average result to get to the university. You are not completely wrong; you may get a slot in the university but you will also deter yourself of some future golden opportunities. I am in the right position to tell you that EXCELLENCE pays. (you might want to read my admission story here)

However, if you have written one or both of them and you did extremely well, congratulation on your way to benefitting scholarships. If on the flip side of the coin, your results were rather mediocre, all hope is not lost just yet, read to the end.

For 100level candidates, what most scholarship board will request are your O-level (WAEC, GCE, NECO as the case may be) and your UME (jamb) result. And, owing to the fact that there is always a numerous list of applicants the board cannot afford to pay, they shortlist only a few successful candidate considering their results and, on some occasions, essays submitted. These people most time proceed to the next stage which is a qualifying exam or an interview. On rare occasions, the shortlisted applicant qualifies automatically for the scholarship without any exam or interview, as the case of NLNG 2018 where some students got whooping 150k just by writing an essay and submitting their credentials.

NB: there was an exam conducted for the 2019 NLNG scholarships.

2. Apply for as many as you come by

You will come across various scholarships ranging from federal government scholarships and State Government scholarships to companies funded scholarships like Shell, Total, NLNG, MTN, Agbami, Shell, Mobil, NNPC, Seplat… (there is almost an endless lists of scholarships you can apply for. One of my future posts will focus on some of the most important ones) Besides, you will also come by local scholarships meant specifically for your institution, department, or locality.

Getting a good source of information on the latest scholarships and applying for all — as you don’t know which will eventually work out for you — is definitely a wise strategy. The more you apply the better your chance of getting them. Also, remember that you have nothing to lose applying for them all; you have a chance, even if it is slim when you apply. You stand no chance if you don’t.

3. Improve your essay writing, quantitative and verbal reasoning skills

You will be required to write essays in some scholarships which will be one of the criteria for shortlisting candidate. Learning to write good essays is a very good investment as a student. The knowledge you gain will be valuable in other aspects of your life. In fact, you could make cool money as a student if you can write good essays. I promise, improving your writing skills is something you would appreciate yourself for later.

Also, you might be tested on your quantitative and verbal reasoning or simply your use of English and mathematics. I cannot tell you a particular way to prepare but improving your use of English and mathematics abilities will surely be of great help.

Once you are shortlisted for the exam, you should get the past questions for that particular scholarship to prepare for the exam.

In the place of interview, do not go for an interview unprepared. Research about the scholarship sponsors and learn interview etiquettes before attending a scholarship interview (this is also something I would talk about in my future posts).

4. Work on your CGPA.

After your first year, most if not all scholarship board will request for your first-year result and only the best results will be chosen. Do not settle for a mediocre result in your 100l. You probably would regret it later in your academic career (well, you mightn’t. Just take your first year in University seriously). You should use your first year to build a strong CGPA. After your first year, it is better to wish you had more fun than to wish you had not played too much. (take a pause and think about the last sentence)

5. Do not feel dejected or stupid if you don’t eventually get the scholarships

Trust me, it can really be nerve-wracking if you need the money so badly and watch your friends get a congratulatory mail while all you get is an SMS from your network provider. You should know well that there is a place of grace (or luck) in the process and you can’t be so sure of the outcome. However, everything you have learnt trying to get the scholarship will not depart from you (unless you want it to) and you can apply this knowledge in other parts of your life and probably make money as a student from them.

There are skills you can have as a student that will earn you money without necessarily affecting your academics (I will probably talk about this in my subsequent posts.)

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